D7.2 Prototyping of Vertical  Business Use Cases



The objectives of the WP7 are two folded. One task is to prototype an innovative cross-plane orchestrator to be able to automate the different functionalities (FCAPS) associated to the automation of the slice management. The orchestrator will coordinate the operations of the data plane, control plane, management plane and service plane for optimised network slicing, and deploy NFV actions for operational requirements on demand related to QoE sensors/actuators to monitor/optimise the QoE of a use case service. The second task, T7.2 described in this deliverable, is focussing on prototyping the demanding vertical business use cases.

Three selected representative use cases will be prototyped in this WP including Smart Grid use case, eHealth (Connected Ambulance) use case, and Smart City use case. The idea of this WP is to provide a set of enabling automated mechanisms required to perform the cross-plane configuration of all the architectural components involved for efficient slice management.


Haithem Afli, Mark Roddy, Thuy Truong, Mustafa Al-Bado, Ricardo Figueiredo, Donal Morris, Jeanne Caffrey, Huyen Tran, Pedro Miguel Neves, Jose Cabaca, Ana Aleixo, Carlos Fernandes, Carlos Arantes, Marius Iordache, Catalin Brezeanu, Horia Stefanescu, Cristian Patachia, Jose Alcarez-Calero, Ciriaco Angelo





Prototypes, test-beds, verticals

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