D6.3 Management for the Plug & Play Control Plane



This document reports the design and prototype implementation of the SliceNet Plug & Play Manager, as the lifecycle coordinator of the Plug & Play control features deployed within the SliceNet cognitive management platform. The evolution of the Plug & Play approach is largely described in the document, to present how it has been enhanced towards the support of truly programmable and per-slice customized control and management logics within the SliceNet management framework. Following a cloud-native approach leveraging on microservices architectures, containerized applications and serverless functions, the Plug & Play Manager aims at making the whole SliceNet cognitive management platform more and more flexible and ready to cope with highly dynamic and heterogeneous requirements imposed by 5G technologies, services and vertical industry. From a software prototype perspective, the Plug & Play manager allows to dynamically deploy per-slice applications within the SliceNet cognitive management platform for slice tailored control and management purposes as containerized applications in Kubernetes clusters and as serverless applications in OpenWhisk environments.


Pietro G. Giardina, Giacomo Bernini, Ali Nejabati, Ciriaco Angelo, Giacomo Berlizzi, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Thuy Truong





Network Slicing, Plug & Play, Slice Management, Serverless

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