D5.6 Modelling, Design and Implementation of QoE Monitoring, Analytics and Vertical-Informed QoE Actuators - Iteration 2



This document reports the second iteration of the SliceNet Cognition Plane, expanding the design and implementation of its components. SliceNet Cognition Plane enables the Quality of Experience (QoE)-aware management of network slices. SliceNet QoE-aware slice management combines the established MAPE (Monitoring, Analysis, Planning, and Execution) autonomic control loop with stateof-the-art data-driven management and AIOPS (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). To this end, the components reported in this document provide the implementations of both analytical and actuation frameworks of the Cognition Plane, all governed through a data-centric approach. In addition to the design and implementation of the several components, the current document provides the results obtained through several experimental set-ups as well as integration tests that demonstrate the achievement of the integration of the Cognition Plane components. The developed Cognition Plane will be exploited by both SliceNet’s FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) management and Orchestration systems to aid in the management and orchestration of 5G slices, paving the path towards the final integration of the overall SliceNet framework.


Rui Pedro, Guilherme Cardoso, Pedro Neves, José Cabaca, José Sousa, Joao Silva, Nasim Ferdosian, Dean Lorenz, Kenneth Nagin, Marius Iordache, Catalin Brezeanu, Marouane Mechteri, Yosra Ben Slimen, Albert Pagès, Fernando Agraz, Salvatore Spadaro, Rafael Montero, Antonio Matencio Escolar, Enrique Chirivella Perez, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Qi Wang, Ricardo Marco Alaez, Zeeshan Pervez





Network Slicing, AIOps, Network Slice, 5G, SDN, Cognitive management

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