D4.1 Plug & Play Control Plane for Sliced Networks



This document reports the design and prototype implementation of the SliceNet Plug & Play control framework. It represents the enabling technology for providing verticals and slice consumers with tailored control exposure and view of their slices. In particular, the SliceNet Plug & Play allows to deploy a dedicated control environment for each slice exposed to verticals, that is customized in order to offer tailored control capabilities that meet the vertical requirements in terms of runtime control. This is enabled by a highly dynamic, flexible and extensible Plug & Play design approach based on microservices. Each Plug & Play control instances is a collection of microservices providing the required slice abstraction and tailored view leveraging on a generalized slice control exposure information model, while customizing the runtime control operations to be exposed to the verticals. Specific control functions and plugins microservices enable the exposrue of pure slice control, as well as monitoring and management capabilities to verticals. From a software prototype perspective, the Plu & Play microservices are implemented as containerized applications that are orchestrated with an open source tool like Kubernetes.


Giacomo Bernini, Pietro G. Giardina, Gino Carrozzo, Elian Kraja, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Fernando Agraz, Albert Pàges, Rafael Montero, Salvatore Spadaro, Pedro Neves, José Cabaca, Ciriaco Angelo, Luca Baldini, Anna Maria Santonicola





Plug & Play, vertical-in-the-loop, slice exposure, microservices, containers

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