D2.1 Vertical Sector Requirements Analysis and Use Case Definition



This deliverable documents the definitions of use cases and the analysis of their requirements in the SLICENET project. The report presents three vertical sector use cases, each with their specific set of communication requirements. The use cases covered by this report are: Smart Grid Self-Healing, eHealth Smart/Connected Ambulance, and Smart City. Following a market analysis, the vertical sector high-level business requirements for 5G communications are further detailed and will be translated into technical specifications, which will in turn provide fundamental inputs for the SLICENET system architecture definition. The relation to 5G requirements and visions is also depicted for each use case, as well as the relation to the 5G-PPP KPIs and the expected business impact in the sector.


Ana Cristina Aleixo, Eduardo Rodrigues, Alberto Rodrigues, Rogério Dias Paulo, Rui Dias Jorge, Nuno Rodrigues, Luis Martins, Sara Costa, Ricardo Santos, João Peres, Paul Walsh, Marius Iordache, Madalina Oproiu, Horia Stefanescu, Cristian Patachia, Costea Catalin, Pedro Miguel Neves, Rui Calé, George Agapiou, Stamatis Perdikouris, Zdravko Bozakov, Giacomo Bernini, Pietro G. Giardina, Albert Pagès, Fernando Agraz, Salvatore Spadaro, Konstantinos Koutsopoulos, Ciriaco Angelo, Raffaele De Santis, Carmine Galotto, Navid Nikaein, Qi Wang, Jose Alcaraz-Calero




5G Communications, Vertical Sector Requirements, Use Cases, Smart Grid, eHealth, Smart City

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