D0.1 Reasoning for a highly flexible and modular control plane




The objective of this document is to provide a) rationale, b) guidelines and 3) evaluation methodology for the future 5G network architecture. For this, we provide a common scope for a 5G network architecture (Section 1.1) by outlining the main drivers for the need for such new 5G network architecture (Section 2), followed by a common basis for the main principles and concepts that play a key role in 5G (Section 3 and 4, respectively). This will lead to an initial yet appropriate set of modular building blocks based on a well-formulated rationale (Section 5). This set of building blocks will particularly redefine the functional scope of the core network, i.e., the split between access dependent and access independent building blocks, including addressing the question if looking at the notion of a CORE network in isolation might not suffice for providing vertical solutions1. We will also provide insights, in Section 6, into the evaluation of the efficacy of said modularisation against an evolving set of concerns defined by technology and socio-economics alike.









5G network infrastructure, use cases, functional requirements,

performance requirements

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