D1.1 Set of Use Cases supported by the Holistic 5G Converged Network




This  document  elaborates  at  an  abstract  level  on  the most  relevant  use cases  for  the  5G  system concept  defined  by  the  CONFIG  project  and  that  reflects  the  business  interests  of  the  consortium members. It defines functional and performance requirements for the 5G system concept, based on selected use-cases.
Special  focus was given  to  define  scenarios  for  the  emerging  trend  towards  network  cloudification with  network virtualization  technologies  such  as  NFV,  SDN  and  context  awareness.  These  scenarios cover  selected  use  cases from  areas  such  as M2M  and  V2V  communications,  context awareness, content  delivery  services,  real  time  media  and  business  applications.  These  use  cases  take  into account the high capacity, low latency and guaranteed QoS requirements specific to 5G.
Attention is given to scenarios that benefit by the use of edge computing where the network hosts functions  running  services  that  are  distributed  and  located  in  data centres  in  the  local  edge.  This induces new requirements on the protocols in the networks and datacentres. Furthermore, use cases take   into   account   the fixed-mobile-wireless-broadcast   convergence   provided   by   the network architecture in CONFIG.
The  use  cases  act  as the  basis  to derive  and  define  the  system  requirements  for  the  5G  system concept, also including functional and high level performance requirements as input to the functional architecture  and  deployment  architectures.  These  requirements  cover  capacity  and  latency  for wanted QoE and new service delivery time in various scenario settings. The requirements defined in the EU FP7 project METIS1 and the visionary challenges defined for the 5G-PPP2 such as “saving up to 90% of energy per service provided”, “creating a secure, reliable and dependable Internet with a zero perceived downtime for services provision” and “enabling advanced user controlled privacy”
were also important input when defining the requirements.
This  work  took  as  input  information  from  various  scientific  publications,  dissemination  of  previous research projects (e.g. METIS), and other fora, such as the NGMN.
The output of this work is intended for use by other project tasks and work packages covering, a set of  selected  use  cases, as  well  as system functional  and  performance requirements that  drive architecture and modelling work for a Holistic Converged Network Architecture









5G network infrastructure, use cases, functional requirements,

performance requirements

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