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Folder attachments a total of 16 entries
Actions: attachments
    Name Action Size Share Priority
  Folder Actions: 5G PPP infoday January212016 31    
  Folder Actions: Annual Journal 5    
  Folder Actions: Newsflash 10    
  Folder Actions: Newsletters 8    
  Folder Actions: Press Release 29 Members @Press Release  
  Adobe PDF Actions: 1706_5G Workshop Agenda_for EU_r10.pdf 84.6 K   medium / default
Title (DC): 1706_5G Workshop Agenda_for EU_r10
  Adobe PDF Actions: 5G PPP Automotive WG_White Paper_Feb2019.pdf 3.3 M   medium / default
  Adobe PDF Actions: EUCNC 2016 Workshop W04a.pdf 72.0 K   medium / default
  Adobe PDF Actions: leaflet 5G_Transformer.pdf 802 K   medium / default
Title (DC): PowerPoint 簡報
  Adobe PDF Actions: leaflet_v1.pdf 773 K   medium / default
Title (DC): leaflet_v.0.0.pub
  Adobe PDF Actions: Netsoft2017_Demo_SONATA.pdf 927 K   medium / default
Title (DC): Netsoft2017_Demo_SONATA
  Adobe PDF Actions: poster 5G_Transformer.pdf 2.0 M   medium / default
Title (DC): 5G-Transformer
  Adobe PDF Actions: SONATA brochure.pdf 460 K   medium / default
  Adobe PDF Actions: Vision on 5GIA-AIOTI partnership v1.0.pdf 220 K   medium / default
  Word Document (XML) Actions: 1706_5G Workshop Agenda_for EU_r10.docx 36.4 K   medium / default
  Image (PNG) Actions: 5G trials_WE.png 63.1 K   medium / default

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